"At the apex" of fine crafted leather

Since 1944, the Rossi family have been meeting the requirements of its most demanding customers, thanks to the perfect balance between quality, taste, and tradition, a balance which characterises their accessories.

The leather accessories of the BELVEDERE line, well-known for their precious materials, their refined style and details, and the skilled craftsmanship, which respects the ancient Florentine tradition handed down by the previous generations.

Notwithstanding our “philosophy”, our great respect for the past and tradition, in time, we have evolved and have been looking towards the future: all the accessories bearing the BELVEDERE trademark are, in fact, made to last and keep an eye on the fashion trends of the moment.

An array of over 150 different wallets, purses, key-rings, belts, briefcases etc. made from the most precious materials: French calf, crocodile, ostrich, all of which are carefully selected in order to meet the wide-ranging requirements of the market.

Careful attention is given to the details that embellish and enrich our accessories: the exclusive range of brass ornaments, sober and functional, are designed to meet both aesthetic and practical needs.

Moreover, it is possible to order a personalized, custom-made collection at the customer’s request. We personally prepare the design and select the materials, as well as create the product.

Versatility and flexibility are also characteristics of our company: in fact, we do not require a minimum quantity to accept an order.